Jesus Christ, Our Unseen Guest

        Do you ever have a dream that while you are asleep it seems real and logical, but when you wake up you realize how ridiculous it really is? Well, I recently had one of those. The other night I dreamed that President George W. Bush came to my house for a visit. Of course I thought it a little strange that someone so famous would come and pay a visit to our home. Wouldn't you know it? My house was not clean. As a matter of fact it was unusually dirty, picture last night's supper dishes still on the counter with scraps of food. Totally gross! I was thinking, "I have got to start keeping the house cleaner for unexpected, important guests!" Then, as I began to put away the dishes, I said something stupid to Mr. Bush like, "I am honored that you would grace our home with your presence." I never talk like that. Another crazy part of the dream was when I looked out the window to check out Mr. Bush's mode of transportation, I saw a large black bus, like a Prevost. The bus had fold-out sides that when opened, the bus and panels formed a room when parked close to the side of our house. And did they enter our home by the door? No! They just tore out that wall and came in. I know! Crazy dream! It made for a good laugh when I told my family the next morning. 
        I don't normally put much stock in dreams, but I couldn't help but think about Christ being the unseen guest in my home. He isn't going to come knocking at the door, or even tearing through a wall. He is here nevertheless. Is my home welcoming to Jesus? If he was here in the flesh, would I be embarrassed? Is there anything in my home that does not please him? What if He opened the movie cabinet, or asked to borrow the computer, or sat down to watch tv with me. He is here just the same as if He was sitting on the couch or at my table. I need to remember this as I interact with my husband and children. Jesus is more important than President George W. Bush or any other unexpected guest we might have. May the Lord help us to make Christ always welcome in our homes.

Rom 14:12  So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God. 
1Pe 4:5  Who shall give account to him that is ready to judge the quick and the dead. 


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