Our church has a ministry that is unique and not-so-unique, the ministry of our prophets chambers. The concept for this ministry comes from 2 Kings 4:10. Many churches have prophets chambers, so that's the not-so-unique thing. The unique part is the design. We have four separate bedrooms, each with it's own full bathroom, and one of the rooms has two beds, the others with one bed. When we built our family life center, our pastor (also my hubby) lead us to put in these rooms for preachers and missionaries and their families.      
        During the planning stages, Tony gave three requirements to the ladies that would take care of getting the furnishings for the rooms, each room must have the four elements from the above Bible passage - a bed,  a table, a stool, and a candlestick. So each room has four basic things, a bed, a table or desk, a chair, and lamps (with regular lighting of course.) Since we were devoting a large portion of the family life center to this ministry, we had plenty of room to do much more, the bathrooms, wardrobes if not a closet, and we added the distinctive decorative elements to each room. Our ladies have the ministry of keeping these rooms clean and amply supplied. There is a large, central seating area that is separate from the bedrooms, with a couch, a love seat, an automatic sleep-inducing recliner, some wing back chairs, a coffee table, lamps and end tables. 
        During construction (in the stud wall stage) Tony showed me a corner of the building that had no plans and asked me what I thought we should put there. I said, "Why not put in a whirlpool tub? Many preachers and missionaries can rarely afford one in there own home or even to rent one in a motel room." He liked the idea, and so did the building committee. So we put an eight jet whirlpool, a stool and a cabinet with towels and washcloths in that corner. The Lord gave Tony the idea of giving each room a name. The whirlpool room is called Bethesda; the bedrooms are The Elijah Room, The Boaz / Ruth Room, The Aquila / Priscilla Room, and the Abraham / Sarah Room.
        Many preachers and missionaries and their families have stayed in our Prophets Chambers over the past seven or eight years since we built them, missionaries to England, New Guinea, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Northwest U.S., Mexico, Cuba, Israel and many others. Preachers and pastors and their families from many different states have also used them. Though our church is small, this is one way we are having an impact for Christ. Our Lord is keeping records, and His Word promises we will be rewarded for what we do for Him. There is a specific passage in Matthew that addresses the rewards we will receive for these prophets chambers, not to mention the reward of the joy we get from helping these men of God and their families. As a preacher's wife, I have had the privilege of staying in several prophets chambers, and I can't say enough about the benefit they are to people in ministry. Often times prophets chambers have saved us hundreds of dollars on motel rooms. This might be a ministry your church could do. Or you could even make one from an extra room in your own home. That's what the Shunemmite woman did. A prophets chamber can be a small room with a bed and a shower. It doesn't have to be elaborate to be useful and appreciated. Are there any of you readers who have a similar ministry? I would love to hear from you. Maybe you have some great ideas for items that need to be included in a prophets chamber.        


Lisa said...


As traveling missionary/evangelists, our family has been on the road off and on for about 17 years. During that time, we've stayed in all sorts of Prophet's Chambers. Unfortunately very many of them have been, well, we'll say, "interesting.".

However, we've been extremely blessed by those churches who really put some effort into making their accommodations very comfortable, as yours are. I want to thank you for being such a blessing and encouragement to traveling folks. My kids still talk fondly of such places!

May God richly bless you and your church for their loving sacrifice!

In Christ's service,


Rosa B. said...

Great article! Sounds like a nice place! :)
We've been on deputation for eight months and have found Prophet's Chambers to be such a huge blessing to us!! We hope to someday be able to have one after our church is established in CT. Just curious, where are you located?

Lisa said...

Rosa, we are in Northeast MS about an hour from Memphis, 30 miles from Tupelo.

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