Yesterday Mississippians failed to pass the personhood amendment. It is a sad day. Now, I am trying to move on with an attitude of thanksgiving. I am thankful that I voted yes. I realize that it is by the grace of God that I did not abort a child. I know that I too was born with a sin nature, and were it not for God's mercy and love at work in my life, I would have been on the other side of the vote. 
        My heart is saddened for the unborn, who lost another battle for their lives. But I know that each one whose life will end in abortion will be safe in the arms of Jesus. But woe to those whose hands cause the death of the innocent! And woe to those who choose death for their child! 
        I pray that somehow there will be a way to turn around Roe v. Wade. I pray that God will open the eyes of those who voted no and give them spiritual understanding about this matter of abortion. I have grown very weary of the arguments about birth control, rape, incest, etc. Yes, rape and incest are horrid, but so is abortion. A mother who kills her child is not going to erase a rape. She will only add true guilt to her shame, which will most likely torment her for years to come.
        I am thankful that God has mercy and grace to offer to mothers who have aborted their babies, and to abortionists. Anyone who repents of their sins can receive God's grace. God loves all of us. Years ago I heard an evangelist tell of an event when he was overseas preaching a revival. He said in the middle of his sermon, a man stood up and started shouting something in the native language. The evangelist asked his interpreter to tell what he was saying. The man was crying out, "Can God save a murderer? Can God save a murderer?" The evangelist replied, "Yes! God can save a murderer! We are all murderers! It was our sin that nailed Jesus to the cross! God can and will save a murderer!" God proved His love at Calvary when he sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins, even abortion. But he did not stay dead, he arose, and ascended back to heaven, and now he is interceding for us. Soon he is coming back and will take to heaven all those who have received his gift of salvation. 
        There is hope, even for women who kill their babies. Jesus is the only hope. Forgiveness is the first step in healing. If you are reading this and you need forgiveness, just tell God that you are sorry for your sins. Surrender your life to Him. Ask Him to take your life and make it what He wants it to be. Then thank Him for His love and forgiveness. Thank Him for saving you. You will be amazed at how He can turn a tragedy around and use it to touch people's hearts and lives. I'm praying for you . Let God have His way. You will be happier for it.

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