On Thankfulness...

At least 132 times in the Bible, the words thanks, thanksgiving or some other form of the word is found. We all have something for which to be thankful. 
Recently, when my husband and I were coming out from the voting place, we ran into an acquaintance. She asked how I was doing regarding my knee fracture. So I told her how I was doing, and we began to talk, and she showed me scars on her legs from a car accident, of which I was vaguely aware. She explained that both of her ankles were broken and one of her legs was broken above the knee, she also had a broken arm. It reminded of my own mother's car accident last year, where she sustained multiple injuries. 
On our way home, I spoke to my husband about how thankful I am to have two good arms and a good leg to get around with. Sometimes we need to see someone who is in worse shape than we are to help us put things back into right perspective. Yes, I have a crushed knee, and I can't put weight on that leg for at least 2 more months and then comes therapy. Yes, I have a broken finger. But at least I can get around on crutches some. This other lady was totally bed ridden for several months. So the next time we start to have a pity party, we need to remember, it could be worse. If you can't think of anyone in particular that has it worse, let me recommend the book of Job. I have never met anyone that had it as bad as Job. He lost his family, his wealth, his friends, and his health. Yet, he strove to keep a right attitude and continue to worship God. 
I am thankful for my family, who has helped me so much. I am thankful for my church family, I am thankful for salvation in Jesus Christ, and too many other things to name. I have much to be thankful for.


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