Pastors are a gift from God to the church. See Ephesians 4:11. October is pastor appreciation month, so I thought I would give some ideas of how you can show your pastor that you love and appreciate him and his family. This list is not exhaustive, so please put your ideas in a comment if you like. Some passages that teach the principle of pastor appreciation are I Kings 17:9-17 and Matthew 10:40-42.
  1. Plan for different families in the church to feed the pastor and his family Sunday dinner for all five Sundays of October. 
  2. Plan a certain week of the month for people to send cards and flood his mailbox. Better if done by surprise.
  3. Plan ahead for several people to give words of appreciation during a church service.
  4. Take up a secret love offering and present him with a card with a check enclosed. 
  5. Secretly collect money and present him with a money tree. Just get a tree branch and clip money to the limbs with clothes pins.
  6. Send him on a paid vacation (including gas money.) This could be simple or extravagant. Do whatever your church can afford. It could be just a weekend getaway, or a trip to Disney World, or a cruise, or a trip to the Holy Land.
  7. Give him a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant.
  8. Gift certificate to
  9. Make some repairs to his house.
  10. Drive by blessings. When you know he is home. Leave a goody basket, a card, or some other thoughtful gift on his porch. Blow the horn and leave before he comes to the door.
  11. Give him a pounding (with groceries, not a club.)
  12. Many pastors do not live near their extended families. Help him with expenses so he can visit them, and  give him a service off and pay for pulpit supply.
  13. Upgrade your pastor's office. Does he need a new office chair, or file cabinet, etc.
  14. Start a library fund for the pastor's personal library. 
  15. Is he a sports fan? Buy him tickets.
  16. Get him tickets for a Christian comedian or music concert.
  17. Give him some Christian comedy DVDs. Ex. Dennis Swanburg, Tim Hawkins, Jeff Allen, etc.
  18. Have his church shoes resoled or buy him some new shoes and socks, and attach a card that has the scripture Romans 10:15 or Isaiah 52:7 about his "beautiful feet."
  19. Buy him a new suit to preach in or give him a gift certificate or money and specify that it is for a suit and nothing else. Most pastors are very unselfish people and will end up spending the money on a family need if you don't give him an ultimatum, but if you tell him the money is for a specific thing, his integrity will not let him spend it on anything else.
I know this post is kind of late in the month, but don't worry, if you have not shown pastor appreciation yet, he will definitely agree with the "better late than never" statement. So get busy loving on your pastor. I promise, you will be blessed in many ways if you do.

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Thank you so much. We do have the world's best Pastor and even though, he is our oldest son. He is the most Godly man that I know and tried his very best to live up to all that he learns daily. He is a great blessing to Faith Baptist Church, Freeport, Texas.

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