Last night Tony brought Honey, our 2-yr. old filly, home from Bro. Tracy Griffin, our trainer. Tony rode her, Bethany rode her, I rode her. Then I rode her in the pasture, while Tony, Natalie and Bethany walked around and fellowshipped. 
It was really a beautiful night. There were millions of stars showing. Well, we got almost to the back of the first pasture, when Honey decided she didn’t want to obey me anymore. We were going slowly. She just kept going when I said, “Whoa!” So I tried pulling a little harder on the reins, then letting go, I even pulled her in a circle. She was stomping her feet. I thought she was just getting mad at me. I pulled back on the reins again, I didn’t jerk, and she started backing up, then she did something totally unexpected. She just squatted back and rolled over to the left. My back hit the ground pretty hard, and I vaguely remember pressure on my left leg. Apparently she rolled across it. Tony, Natalie, and Bethany who had come along for a walk as I rode, prayed short but fervent prayers out loud, each one crying out to the Lord in intercessary prayer for me. Tony 2 was at a friend's house.
For a fleeting moment I didn’t feel any pain, but I tried to get up and my left leg just wouldn’t work. I said, "Oh, no! My leg is broke." I was concerned about my back, too. It was not hurting, but I knew I fell flat on it. Shortly, Natalie was on her way to the house to get the four-wheeler and come back for me. Tony rode Honey back to the house. I could feel pain and nausea sweeping over me. I'm glad Tony realized I couldn’t ride on the four-wheeler and told the girls he would bring the car to get me. While Bethany and I were alone, the pain became great and I felt a little nauseous. She was such a blessing to me. 
My knee area was the worst, and my hip was also hurting pretty badly. They got me in the car, drove me to the house to get my purse and some pain medicine (Ibuprofen). I suggested that Natalie and Bethany stay home, but Tony said one of them should go, so Bethany went with us. I’m glad she did, I was not thinking logically because of the pain, and she was a big help. So we started up the road. While Bethany was on the phone with Natalie, I reminded all of us, “I’m teaching the Book of Job in Sunday School. Well, praise the Lord!” With pillows propped around me, I took some Ibuprofen as we were on our way to Baptist Hospital emergency room in Oxford with our flashers on. About half way to Oxford, the Ibuprofen kicked in, and the pain eased. The hospital staff gave me a pain shot in the right hip, took X-rays, and did an MRI or some kind of scan to make sure my back and neck were okay. As we waited for the doctor to come, we prayed a prayer of thanksgiving that I was not more seriously injured. 
Today we went to Doctor Mitias and he gave us the bad news... My knee is broken and will require surgery. So I need all of you praying for me for the next several weeks. Surgery Monday, Oct. 10; followed by therapy and only God knows what else. 
We discovered something very important after a little investigation. Honey had gotten in fire ants. Tony found the remains of the ant bed. It had been just dark enough that I could not see them. I had been trying to make her stop right smack in the middle of those ants. I am so glad we found this out. I love Honey, and I plan to ride her again Lord willing. 

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Mrs. Mobunny said...

I'm glad to read and find out that Honey is a good horse that stepped in bad red-ants.
May you continue to heal and soon be back to riding!

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