That is a word that you never want to hear in a sentence containing your child's name. I came across the following safety tips and I thought I needed to share them. I cannot remember the source. Listed are several lures or tricks that predators use. However, in the case of Jaycee Dugard, the kidnappers used a stun gun. So she was absolutely helpless. In this day and time, it would be best if people avoided going out alone. It is always safer if you have someone with you. I am not an alarmist, but it pays to be careful. I hope the following tips will be informative and helpful.
THE AFFECTION LURE: This is the lure that quietly, like a thief in the night, steals the innocence of untold hundreds of thousands of children. How do we prevent it? Holding up a bathing suit before a child's young eyes, state firmly, "You know what's under this bathing suit: Your private zone." (By age five, all children certainly do.) No one should ever 'touch' your private zone, or force you to touch theirs, because it's AGAINST THE LAW."
Then, teach your child the wonderful Concept of Law with three questions: "Do you have rules at school, home, church? What happens when you break the rules? You get punished, don't you?" Then tell them, "We adults have rules too. Those rules are called laws. Anyone who is touching your 'private zone' or forcing you to touch their's, is BREAKING THE LAW and should be punished!"
Mom and Dad, by teaching your children basic personal safety messages, you can be part of an army of parents who will help spare their children from childhood exploitation, and, potentially, an array of personal issues and problems that often persist into adulthood and beyond.
THE LOST PET LURE: This is the most lethal of lures and has snuffed out far too many young lives, including that of Megan Kanka of Megan's Law. The predator who stalked her invited that little flower to come and see his "litter of puppies." This summer, yet another little girl, Samantha Runnion, fell victim to this dangerously effective lure. They follow young Anthony Martinez and a long list of other children whose names are now lost to dusty newspaper files. Again and again and again, this lure has been used with deadly results. Parents must look their children in the eye and tell them: "There is no lost pet!"
THE ASSISTANCE LURE: Child stalkers who prey on the basic goodness of children have with chilling effectiveness over the years taken too many young lives by simply asking unsuspecting kids for directions. The prevention: Tell your children to never give directions (adults should ask other adults for assistance), to stay three giant steps away from vehicles, and to run like the wind in the opposite direction. Mom and Dad you must realize when the assistance/direction lure is used: The car is a potential trap. Once inside, it becomes a cage and the driver the monster we all fear."
THE INTERNET LURE: While conducting my interviews with sex offenders, one question I asked was: "Do you target or groom young victims?" The chilling answer was always yes. Be it online or the playground, sexual predators prefer to stalk a "loner." Over a period of time- be it minutes or days- they engage in "friendly" chit-chat. They set the child up with this basic question: "How do your parents get along?" The purpose of the question is to win the trust of the child, which makes it easy to lure them out of your home. Every married couple has their moments and it is nobody's business - Teach that to your child today!
FUN AND GAMES LURE: "Hey, let's play 'Hide the quarter!' And where do you suppose that quarter ends up?" Holding the bathing suit, state, "Such a game is against the law!"
HERO LURE: "Now, a key question, Does Santa Claus, Big Bird, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy have the authority to fool with your private zone? No! And why not? Because it's……Against the Law!"
TIPS: Mom and Dad, inform your children that most people are wonderful caring folks that love kids.
Warn them, however, to always trust their instincts and parents YOU do the same.
Ask your child to draw the face of a stranger. If they draw a scary looking monster, as most do, we all still have work to do. The predators I interviewed do not look like those drawings. They take pains to appear friendly and non-threatening - until their trap is set. Therein lies the problem with telling children to beware of strangers. Though well meaning, it's hopelessly outdated.
Even if someone has a weapon, try to get away and scream “Help! Call the police!” The wound you may receive while escaping will probably be minor compared to what might happen to someone who is abducted.

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