The Legend of the Sand Dollar

There's a lovely little legend
that I would like to tell,
of the birth and death of Jesus,
found in this lowly shell.

If you examine closely,
you'll see that you find here,

four nail holes and a fifth one,
made by a Roman's spear.

On one side the Easter lily,
its center is the star,

that appeared unto the shepherds
and led them from afar.

The Christmas Poinsettia
etched on the other side,
reminds us of His birthday,
our happy Christmastide.

Now break the center open,
and here you will release,
the five white doves awaiting,
to spread Good Will and Peace.

This simple little symbol,
Christ left for you and me,
to help us spread His Gospel,
through all Eternity.
Author Unknown

How to Clean and Preserve Sand Dollars
Spring time is upon us. Many of you will be taking vacations during school breaks and going to the beach. If you are a shell collector like me, you may find a sand dollar. One of the keys to cleaning a live sand dollar is also very often the least known. In order to get a sand dollar to bleach white it is important to soak it in fresh water first. Here are the steps you should follow in order to preserve live sand dollars:
1- Gather the sand dollars and as soon as possible after gathering soak them in fresh water. The water will turn a brownish color and after a while they might begin to smell so change the water frequently. If you are pressed for time you may just continually flush them in water. Continue to do this until the water stays fairly clear.
2- The next step is to soak them in a solution of bleach and water. Depending on the strength of the bleach you use, let them sit for 5-10 minutes.
3- Remove from Bleach, rinse thoroughly in fresh water and let dry.
4- Repeat step 2 and 3 if necessary.
Do not soak them for too long in the Bleach because if left too long they can crumble. Each soaking in bleach weakens the sand dollar a little more so it is not recommended you do this more than a couple times.
If this does not whiten your sand dollars enough it is best to let the sun bleach them the rest of the way, or spray them with a white paint.
To Harden: Simply mix together a white glue and water in equal portions. Take a sponge brush and completely cover the sanddollars with the mixture. Let dry thoroughly. After hardening, they may be used in a variety of craft projects or simply display them in their natural state on a stand.

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Honeycombs said...

Hi Lisa,

I think oneof my very first posts on blog was about the sand dollar. My Aunt gave me a book mark with the poem on it and a small sand dollar attached. I thought it was so lovely and I find the Lord amazing when I see his hand at work in so many things in nature. Blessings, Jean

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