How to Get the Kids to Do Chores

Well, I'm no expert, but I can tell you what I have observed. When my children were small it seemed I was evermore trying this system and that system trying to get and keep the house clean and organized. I tried to let the kids do what they could. I have found that children are eager to help. Our photo albums have pictures of our children standing on chairs as they washed dishes or helped make biscuits. They didn't always do it like I did, but I tried to let them learn and commended them as much as I could. Sometimes I had to ask them to do something over if it was really a bad job, like a super wrinkledy "made" bed and such. They would help fold clothes, starting with wash cloths (the easiest). Then they moved on to dish and hand towels and bath towels and eventually clothes, etc. The fact is chores are a great way to train children. Proverbs 22:6 says "Train up a child..." Training is not a quick and easy process. It involves a great deal of time and devotion. I guess that is why the Lord dealt with me to be a full-time home maker. Many times I felt like a failure, but I kept on trying. I guess all that failure and trying worked. My kids are all grown, and none of them are lazy, and all of them are trying to serve the Lord. I can't take the credit though, it was the Lord's grace that helped me to keep trying. So how do you get kids to do chores? Start early when it's fun to them and when it's not fun anymore, just keep trying!

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