Esther- Queen Of The World (Part 6)

"For Such A Time As This"

Esther Goes Before The King
Queen Esther got all decked out in the royal garb and went before the king. He held out the scepter and received her, but when asked what she desired of him, she invited him and Haman to a banquet the same day. They came and he asked her again at the banquet what was her desire and he said he would give her anything she wanted even half the kingdom. At this point I don’t know whether she is just using wisdom and building his anticipation or if she is shaking in her boots afraid to reveal her true desire. It is probably a little of both. She tells him she would like them to attend another banquet the next evening. Well, Haman can hardly contain himself. He goes and tells his friends and family how the king has promoted him and how the queen has included him alone in a banquet for the king. But on his way to tell all of this he sees Mordecai and sinks into despair again because Mordecai will not bow to him. So he tells his wife who suggests to him to have a gallows built for Mordecai and at the second banquet get permission from the king to kill him. (continued tomorrow)

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