Esther- Queen of the World (Part 4)

"For Such A Time At This"

Haman, The Anti-Semitic

Esther held her tongue about the fact that she was a Jewess, for there were some anti-Semitists in the kingdom. Particularly, there was one evil man named Haman who despised the Jews. Now for whatever reason, probably due to his self-promotional schemes, the king made Haman the chief prince, or the prime minister, if you will, in the kingdom. Everyone was commanded by the king to bow to Haman. But Mordecai wasn’t about to bow to an Agagite. See the Jews and the Agagites had maintained a long-standing feud and intolerance for one another. But more importantly, he would not bow to him because he was taught from a child to bow to no one but God. The king’s servants pressed Mordecai day after day that he should bow to Haman. They finally asked him why and he revealed that he was a Jew. Haman was furious, so he decided to try and destroy all the Jews throughout the kingdom. But God had put Esther in position as the queen to intervene for her people. The Devil has tried down through the years to destroy the Jews because God granted them the stewardship of the revelation. He tried using Pharoah, Haman, and Hitler. But God has always worked on behalf of His people. Haman told King Ahasuerus that if he would order the Jews exterminated he would give enough money to pay off the national deficit of Persia. Well, the king had built up quite a deficit with his recent wars with Greece, so he took Haman up on the offer. He gave Haman his signet ring to use as he pleased. Reminds me of the Devil. The serpent was more subtile than any beast of the field… Anyway, so Hitler, I mean Haman sent letters containing the king’s signet out in the "mail" throughout all the provinces that on a certain day all the Jews were to be annihilated, men, women and children. (continued tomorrow)

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