Esther - Queen of the World (Part 2 of 7)

"For Such a Time As This"
from the Book of Esther
(continued from 2-4-11)
Soon news traveled throughout the kingdom that there was to be a beauty pageant, and King Ahasuerus would select a new queen from all the pure young women in the kingdom. The winner would be the queen of the world. So Hadassah was taken into the number of young women to be prepared to go before the king. At this time her name was changed to Esther meaning star. She spent 12 months in preparation, six months of skin softening, then six months of perfuming. These twelve months also insured that the young women were not with child. The young women who were pretty enough were taken into the number of the concubines and they would be called one at a time to go in for a visit with the king. Before they went in they were allowed anything they pleased to try and impress the king. When it came Esther’s time, she was modest and used discretion. She followed the instruction of Hegai, the keeper of the women. The King loved Esther and she obtained favor and grace above all the others. He set the royal crown upon her head and proclaimed a feast in her honor. Esther was now queen of Persia, queen of the known world.

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