These Cakes Are Real Cakes

I'm referring to the previous post where the cake had something besides cake in the center. I love to decorate birthday cakes! Here are a few. Hope you like 'em!

This Cinderella cake with pumpkins on the side was for a little birthday princess in our church.

And of course there are plenty of Mater fans out there.

One little cowboy and his family ate this.

And my blogger friend at lifebygeorge's son got this one.


Deborah said...

Hello! I'm out visiting from the KJV Blog Directory, trying to make my way through all of our member blogs. I scrolled down and listened to your christmas cd. It's wonderful! Is it your family or from your church?
Oh, I just noticed you don't have the button for the Blog Directory. Let me know if you are still wanting to be a member. Just add the button and contact me-

Liesa said...

You are sooooo talented! The deerslayer cake was very yummy! You could start a business with's spend lots of money on cakes for birthdays!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

When my kids were small, I used to let them take the Wilton cake book and pick out what kind they wanted. Then I would try and decorate their cake as much like the one in the book as I could. I loved it back then. But that was before I got old and and had so much back/neck trouble. ha ha

Looking forward to seeing y'all in a couple of weeks at Crossroad's revival.


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