I just want to praise the Lord today! Sunday morning at our church a 52 year old man got saved. My husband had witnessed to him in his home, but he wasn't ready. Then he showed up Sunday and was gloriously saved. Please pray for Steve. He is a babe in Christ. The church thing is all new to him. It was such a blessing to hear him say, "I don't want to go home. I wish every day was Sunday." That sounds like a baby looking for milk to me. It has been about a year since we had anyone saved at church, so the people are really encouraged. It was a real boost for us after all we have been through (tornado last year that destroyed our church building, and a spiritual storm 2 years ago that was even worse and a bunch of people left us.) We have been praying that the Lord will save some people and send laborers into His harvest. Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers!

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