Spring Refreshment

Aahh! The beautiful sights and sounds of Spring are returning. The robins and martins have given the prelude for the rest of the parade. Now the pear and plum blooms are competing for our attention while the grape hyacynth whisper, "Isn't our Creator a superb artist." Each year around this time, nature preaches a sermon about the resurrection. New life everywhere! Yes, it is a wondrous time to remember that Jesus died for our sins, was buried and rose again.

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Jan and Miekie said...

How special to have Easter in Spring! Our autumn is just starting, but we relish the cooler days. The skies are particularly beautiful with millions of swallows and all descriptions of clouds. The heavens proclaim His glory!! It will be full moon on the Thursday before Good Friday, so we could maybe have an outdoor community passion play...or moontlight passover or something.

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