I Was Recently Reminded of How Blessed I Am!

I am so blessed! Of course this is not new information to me, but sometimes we see someone struggling through life with very difficult circumstances, and it just makes us kind of wake up and smell the roses. I met a young man recently, 24 years old, who was hit by a drunk driver when he was 19. I could see, even behind the "disguise" created by the brain damage, that he was a good looking kid. As I spoke with his mother, she told me he had graduated from highschool with a 4.0. I could almost feel her pain as I thought of my own son (soon to be 24.) I didn't want to imagine something like that happening to him. Here they are, in their sixth year of therapy and recovery! But, she isn't sitting around crying. She said, "God is using her to spread the word in schools and church, etc. about the effects of drinking and driving. She doesn't cut any slack, she said, she holds up a diaper and asks the teenagers, "Do you want to be wearing one of these after prom?" Oh! That people would realize the destruction that alcohol leaves in it's path!

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